The Coaster101 Podcast

Everything You Need To Know about Iron Gwazi!

February 21, 2022 Coaster101
The Coaster101 Podcast
Everything You Need To Know about Iron Gwazi!
Show Notes

Last week, Shane and Mike from the Coaster101 team had the chance to ride Iron Gwazi, the world's tallest and steepest hybrid coaster. Spoiler Alert: It lives up to the hype.

This week on the podcast, Shane joins Andrew to talk all things Iron Gwazi, from ride experience, to merch, to favorite elements, to theming and more. If you're looking for the most in-depth podcast on Iron Gwazi, we humbly present this episode. (Busch Gardens, if you're listening, Shane is pretty good at this coaster marketing hype train thing.)

For Shane and Mike's Review of Iron Gwazi, visit:

Head to our Youtube Channel for some POV's, or click these links.
Reverse/Multi-Cam POV (Front Row):
Reverse/Side-by-Side POV (Back Row):

Iron Gwazi opens to the public at Busch Gardens Tampa on Friday, March 11. Passholder previews are currently on-going.

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