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IAAPA Minisode - Give Kids The World with Steven Amos

November 16, 2021 Coaster101
The Coaster101 Podcast
IAAPA Minisode - Give Kids The World with Steven Amos
Show Notes

Happy IAAPA Week! This is our second in a series of four interviews with companies exhibiting at IAAPA, and today, we're focused on a company with a booth at the expo, but they're not selling anything -- they're there to say "Thank You" to their industry partners: Give Kids The World

There are multiple charitable initiatives going on around the IAAPA Expo this week, including a 5K race and golf tournament. Not to mention, the President of Ripley's Believe it or Not is shaving his beard to add to the world's largest hairball, "Hoss," which will be located at Give Kids The World's IAAPA Booth. Ripley's will match $10,000 in donations made to GKTW at the Expo.

We also talk a little bit about Give Kids The World's holiday event - Night of a Million Lights - which made its debut in 2020, and is back for even more lights and excitement this year!

Stay Tuned for future interviews with Adam Sandy of Zamperla (Wednesday), and Falcon's Creative Group (Thursday!)

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